Watch Rhythm of Fear Thrash Through "Vortex of Torment"

Watch Rhythm of Fear Thrash Through 'Vortex of Torment'
Despite naming their latest EP Ritual Dementia, Rhythm of Fear pretty much guarantee you won't forget them with lead single "Vortex of Torment" and the accompanying video, which we're debuting exclusively here.

The Floridian thrashers hail from the other side of the country than the Bay Area, whose storied scene birthed giants like Metallica and Exodus, but they manage to recall the undeniable energy of the latter and the timeless songwriting of the former.

The song's topic is laid out via vocals that alternate between Chuck Billy-esque snarls and gang shouts: "Depression, anxiety, all this rage inside of me."

It discusses mental illness because the topic "unfortunately is very relatable to so many people, despite who you are or where you're from," revealed the band in a statement. "We felt it is important for the video to creatively capture the struggle of dealing with the dark emotions of getting lost in the deepest parts of one's psyche."

The visual begins with the main character being captured by reaper and falling into a triangular, neon void. Clad in all white, he floats around a strange labyrinth — not unlike Hellraiser 2 — and eventually finds himself drawn to a white room, where he is greeted by two of the black-clad figures. The ending is gruesome, with a mask, sewing needle and blood bringing the mood from disturbing to downright dreadful.

On a happier note, the band are currently out on their punnily named "Vortex of Tourment" run. Check out the remaining dates for that below, then watch their new video.

Tour dates:

4/18 Albuquerque, NM - Bellamah House
4/19 Las Vegas, NV - American Legion Post 8 *
4/20 Los Angeles, CA - Reefer Madness Fest
4/21 Sacramento, CA - Northern Alliance Fest ~
4/22 Boise, ID - High Tone +
4/23 Salt Lake City, UT - Gold Blood Collective
4/24 Colorado Springs, CO - The Zodiac ^
4/25 Kansas City, MO - Sister Anne's Record Shop
4/26 Tulsa, OK - Chimera
4/27 Hutchins, TX - The Shop
9/4-8 Cave-In-Rock, IL - Full Terror Assault Open Air Festival #

* w/ Candy
~ w/ IntegrityToxic HolocaustAll Out War, Funeral Chic, Hoods
+ w/ Vamachara
^ w/ Venom Inc, Exmortus, Homewrecker and Portrayal of Guilt
# w/ Vio-Lence, Grave, M.O.D., Jungle Rot, Skeletal Remains, Ringworm