Wares Sign to Mint Records for New Album 'Survival'

Hear the Edmonton band's newly shared track "Surrender into Waiting Arms"
Wares Sign to Mint Records for New Album 'Survival'
Edmonton guitar shredder and songwriter Cassia J. Hardy continues to blast out tunes with Wares. Up next, the band have signed to Mint Records and announced a brand new LP.

The album is called Survival. It was recorded by Mason Pitzel and mixed by Jesse Gander, and includes 10 new compositions from the band. 

Ahead of the album's release on April 24, Survival is being previewed with the sprawling, epic anthem "Surrender into Waiting Arms," which can be streamed below.

In a press release, Hardy said that the track is "a song about consent and safe sex. After years of hard work processing trauma and thawing from self isolation, it's the profound joy of building complete trust in your partner, and in a relationship built on respect and good communication. Survival is the story of recovery as a non linear path of healing and disruption. The narrator in this song, at the midpoint of the album, finds freedom in safe, sane, and consensual love." 

Listen to "Surrender into Waiting Arms" below.

You can pre-order Survival now.


1. Hands, Skin
2. Tall Girl
3. Living Proof
4. Tether
5. Surrender into Waiting Arms
6. Jenny Says
7. Complete Control
8. Violence
9. Surface World
10. Survival