Wares Open Up About Gender Affirming Surgery on "Living Proof"

The song comes from their forthcoming new album 'Survival'
Wares Open Up About Gender Affirming Surgery on 'Living Proof'
Edmonton's Wares will release their Mint Records debut Survival later this month. Ahead of its arrival, they've shared one of the album's most arresting tracks.

The song is a little more synth-heavy than we've come to expect from Wares, offering another angle from which to experience the band's music. Still, its themes are no less vital than the band's previous output. 

Of the song, singer/guitarist Cassia Hardy said the following:

"Living Proof" is how I remember the first few moments after waking up from gender affirming surgery. Weightless, euphoric, incoherent from anesthesia. Relieved above all. Availability for trans healthcare varies between provinces. In addition to ignorant or transphobic front line workers, there's often huge wait times to see qualified doctors. Despite a flawed, criminally underfunded public health system, trans people endure and take what we need to thrive. This song is for us. 

Listen to "Living Proof" below. The song follows the previously shared tracks "Survival" and "Surrender into Waiting Arms."

Survival arrives via Mint on April 24.