Tool Drummer Danny Carey Says There Is "Tons of Material" for a 'Fear Inoculum' Follow-Up

Tool Drummer Danny Carey Says There Is 'Tons of Material' for a 'Fear Inoculum' Follow-Up
Much has been made about the 13-year gap between Tool's 10,000 Days and new album Fear Inoculum, and believe it or not, the time off has apparently resulted in plenty of new material beyond their latest lengthy release.

In conversation with Metal Hammer, Tool drummer Danny Carey was asked what the future holds for the four-piece going forward. Carey revealed, "It's hard to say. We're going to tour on this probably for two or three years at least, I imagine. It feels like what we've done on every album, and then I guess we'll see where we're sitting after that."

Carey added that his hope is to get back in the studio and "knock out another record."

"We have tons of material," the drummer continued. "It's not going to take 12 years, or if it does, I'll probably be so old I probably can't pick up my sticks any more! But my hope is we'll do another record and just keep moving forward."

The drummer did note that the band don't have any completed songs that were held off the finished album.

"The way we hash it out in a room with all three or four of us, that there's tons of riffs and jams and things. But there's no put-together songs that are sitting in the eaves."

Carey noted that the release of Fear Inoculum marks the end of a five-album recording deal, which will motivate the band to make new music. 

"The carrot on the stick has gotten larger because now we'll be free agents — we don't have to deal with a record company or if we do, we deal with it on our terms, because we can do whatever we want now," he said.

Fear Inoculum captured the No. 1 spot on the charts in its first week of release. Tool are set to kick off a North American tour behind the disc next month.