The New Tool Album Was a Big Hit at Burning Man

The New Tool Album Was a Big Hit at Burning Man
Tool and Burning Man are different entities, to be sure, but they certainly have similar vibes. That's why it should come as no surprise that the former's recent album was a huge hit at the latter desert-based freak fest.

Fear Inoculum, the most recent Tool album, came out last week, just in time for tech bros to put on their Mad Max gear and lose themselves in the middle of nowhere. 

In fact, Tool album artist Alex Grey was in attendance, and he hosted a huge listening sesh for the unwashed hordes. 

You can watch a video of the whole thing below via Reddit, the third piece in this completely perfect trifecta of pop culture.
On Friday in the middle of the Playa at Burning Man, over 1000 TOOL fans took a break from the electronic music to enjoy the entire album. Look closely to see Alex Grey himself rocking out super hard in the white next to his artwork. This was absolutely amazing and the highlight of my burn. 🔥🔧🔥 from r/ToolBand