Stereolab Unveil Final Remastered Reissues

'Sound-Dust' and 'Margerine Eclipse' will wrap up the series
Stereolab Unveil Final Remastered Reissues
Stereolab have spent the better part of this year reissuing their back catalogue, and the band have now detailed the final two entries in their series of expanded, remastered reissues.

As promised, the year-long reissue campaign will be capped off with the re-release of 2001's Sound-Dust and 2003's Margerine Eclipse on November 29 through Warp Records/Duophonic UHF Disks. The reissues will arrive on vinyl, CD and digitally.

Like previous entries in the series, the expanded editions have all been remastered from the original half-inch tapes by Bo Kondren at Calyx Mastering and overseen by Stereolab's Tim Gane.

The bonus LP for Sound-Dust features demos on one side and an etching on the other, while the bonus LP for Margerine Eclipse collects all the tracks from the triple vinyl 7-inch release Instant 0 in the Universe and the tour 7inch/CD Rose, My Rocket Brain!

The initial vinyl editions will be pressed onto triple clear vinyl, with each set including a lottery-style scratch card, which will give fans a chance to win a limited-edition 12-inch EP by early 2020. Like past reissues, each title will come with a foldout poster with sleeve notes from Gane.

For an idea what to expect from the reissues, you can check out the Sound-Dust track "Baby Lulu" and its demo version below, where you'll also find the tracklists.

You can get more details and pre-order the new reissues over here.

first round of reissues that arrived this year included Stereolab's 1993 album Transient Random Noise-Bursts with Announcements and their 1994 effort Mars Audiac Quintet, while a recent second round featured reissues of 1996's Emperor Tomato Ketchup, 1997's Dots and Loops, and 1999's Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night.

Stereolab are in the midst of a reunion tour, and you can see all the dates here. Find out where Sound-Dust and Margerine Eclipse sit in our Essential Guide to Stereolab.


1. Black Ants In Sound-Dust
2. Space Moth
3. Captain Easychord
4. Baby Lulu
5. The Black Arts
6. Hallucinex
7. Double Rocker
8. Gus the Mynah Bird
9. Naught More Terrific Than Man
10. Nothing To Do With Me
11. Suggestion Diabolique
12. Des Bons Bons Des Raisons
13. Black Ants (Demo)
14. Spacemoth Intro (Demo)
15. Spacemoth (Demo)
16. Baby Lulu (Demo)
17. Hallucinex Pt. 1 (Demo)
18. Hallucinex Pt. 2 (Demo)
19. Long Live Love (Demo)
20. Les Bon Bons Raisons (Demo)

Margerine Eclipse:

1. Vonal Declosion
2. Need To Be
3. Sudden Stars (EP version)
4. Cosmic Country Noir
5. La Demeure
6. Margerine Rock
7. The Man With 100 Cells
8. Margerine Melodie
9. Hillbilly Motorbike
10. Feel and Triple
11. Bop Scotch
12. Dear Marge
13. Mass Riff
14. Good Is Me
15. Microclimate
16. Mass Riff (Instrumental Intro)
17. Jaunty Monty and the Bubbles of Silence
18. Banana Monster Ne Répond Plus
19. University Microfilms International
20. Rose, My Rocket-Brain! (Rose, Le Cerveau Electronique De Ma Fusée!)