Someone Maxed Out Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's Credit Cards

Someone Maxed Out Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's Credit Cards
Sharon Osbourne has revealed that she and her husband Ozzy Osbourne were recently victims of credit fraud, a crime she only found out about because both of their cards got declined during a recent shopping trip.

During The Talk yesterday (October 27), Sharon explained that she was out searching for a present for her daughter Kelly's 36th birthday when the store clerk notified her that her credit card had been declined. She found out later that both her and Ozzy's accounts had been completely maxed out.

"I give my credit card and they come back and say, 'Do you have another credit card? It didn't go through.' I say, 'Just try it again.' Still didn't go through. I hand them Ozzy's, then, they come back and go, 'Do you have another one? It didn't go through,'" Sharon explained.

She continued: "Someone rang up charges and maxed out Ozzy's card and my card. I called through to the credit card company and they go, 'No, no, no, you're maxed out, so is Ozzy.' I'm like, 'I don't go to that store, or to that store.'"

Sharon said she spoke with the credit company to confirm that her family were indeed victims of fraud, and though they've yet to get a clear answer as to what really happened, their team has ensured the couple that the fraud squad is on the case.

And while she didn't reveal how much money the fraudsters ran off with, we can only assume that spouses' combined credit limits are nothing to scoff at.

In the end, Sharon was able to buy a present for Kelly somehow. Happy Birthday, Kelly!