Shakey Graves Announces 10th Anniversary Edition of 'Roll the Bones'

The forthcoming double LP will be available on streaming platforms for the first time in April
Shakey Graves Announces 10th Anniversary Edition of 'Roll the Bones'
Back in 2011, Shakey Graves self-released his debut record Roll the Bones on Bandcamp, and with 2021 marking its 10th anniversary, the album is now slated to hit all streaming platforms for the first time ever in tandem with a double LP release through Dualtone Records on April 2.

The expanded edition of the record — titled Roll the Bones X — will arrive with an additional 15 tracks comprising an LP titled Odds + Ends. In addition to demos and alternate versions of the album's classics, the special edition will also feature a recording of deep cut "Late July," a version that's drastically different than the live rendition on YouTube that has generated so much attention over the years. 

Shakey Graves mastermind Alejandro Rose-Garcia has also shared a self-directed and edited new video for the album's title track, which you can watch below.

Later today, in celebration of "Shakey Graves Day" in Denton, TX, the artist will celebrate his news with a livestream performance at the city's Andy's Bar.

"I've used 'Shakey Graves Day' as a challenge to myself. I make so many random songs throughout the year that I either forget about or I'm too nervous to put on an album, and it becomes a clearinghouse for that. It surprises me when people tell me that something released that day is their favourite of my stuff," Rose-Garcia said in a release.

Tune in to the Shakey Graves Day performance tonight at 9 p.m. ET via Mandolin, and watch Rose-Garcia's new video for "Roll the Bones" below, where you can also find the tracklisting for Roll the Bones X.

Roll the Bones X:

DISC 1: Roll the Bones
1.Unlucky Skin
2. Built to Roam
3. Roll the Bones 
4. I'm on Fire
5. Georgia Moon
6. Business Lunch
7. City in a Bottle (Live @ 2023)
8. Proper Fence
9. The Seal Hunter
10. To Cure What Ails

DISC 2: Odds + Ends
1. Years Ago (Interlude)
2. Chinatown
3. Oh the Reign
4. The Night (Interlude)
5. Dusty Lion
6. Word of Mouth ft. Isaac Gillespie
7. The Haunted Guitar (Interlude)
8. Late July (Early Version)
9. The Daily All
10. Pansy Waltz (Demo)
11. Lonely Hill (Alt-Version)
12. The Teacher (Interlude)
12. Saving Face
14. Bully's Lament ft. Isaac Gillespie & Morgan Heringer
15. The Shepherd (Interlude)

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