Shakey Graves The Needle Vinyl Tavern, Edmonton AB, August 10

Shakey Graves The Needle Vinyl Tavern, Edmonton AB, August 10
Photo: Dana Zuk
The Edmonton Folk Festival was forced to draw its curtains early on the first day of the fest, as an unprecedented and nasty wind storm caused organizers to make the call to have all attendees evacuated from the grounds. What seemed like it would be a day ending in misfortune due to unexpected weather, though, turned out to have a bright side, as Shakey Graves moved his scheduled set to the Needle Vinyl Tavern.
After what could only be described as a "social media miracle" by some, the downtown Edmonton venue opened its arms and emptied its stage to welcome the self-proclaimed "Gentleman from Texas" to execute his setlist for the many fans forced to leave the nearby festival.
A line formed out the door of the downtown venue as the stage area quickly filled from the front of the house to the back with starry-eyed fans that had anticipated a disappointing evening just hours prior.
Graves, also known as Alejandro Rose-Garcia, climbed onto the stage with a smile on his face and addressed the fans with many thanks for coming to see his impromptu show. He's a larger-than-life performer who shows in a single set list his love and devotion to his craft. Drenched in sweat and stomping his feet with seemingly more power each time, the passion was felt throughout the room as Graves sang louder and prouder as the night went on. 

Though the group's performance may not have been to a festival-sized audience, Shakey Graves and his crew held nothing back and gave everything they had to the Needle Vinyl Tavern and its patrons. The intimate setting and tightly packed environment played an element of exhilaration into the evening that no one anticipated. Graves reciprocated the love the audience showed him and his band by adding "just one more" song after proclaiming the previous track to be the final for the evening.

After wrapping up, Shakey Graves and the fans thanked the Needle Vinyl Tavern for having them and allowing the spur of the moment show to carry on as long as it did, so fans could get their fix until the gentleman from Texas was back in town.