Riverside Voices in My Head

Recorded before Riverside’s most recent album, Second Life Syndrome, this EP is only now seeing official release. Voices in My Head takes the band for a softer turn more often than not, evoking Porcupine Tree even more than their debut but also going for a trippy drum-looped groove at times. The five "new” songs here have a self-indulgent, introspective vibe (making the title an apt one), with the otherworldly dissonance of "The Time I Was Daydreaming” standing out among its less striking companions. Voices in My Head also features live performances of three tracks from the first record as well as a video for "Acronym Love,” lyrics to all three releases, and band photos. The EP, even in its quietest moments, sustains the dark progressiveness Riverside have earned themselves a reputation for, but shows a slightly different side of the band as well. Still, while it’s a necessity for the complete collection and an intriguing diversion, Voices in My Head isn’t dynamic enough to stir a great deal of passionate interest. (Inside Out)