Riptides Drop Out

After a long hiatus, in Riptides terms anyway, the ambassadors of Ottawa obnoxious punk return with a greatest hits package of sorts. Considering they're Canada's answer to the Queers and Screeching Weasel, it only made sense for them to collaborate with Joe Queer and producer Mass Giorgini. The result is a collection of 19 songs culled from their past releases, re-recorded and reinvigorated. Joe Queer appears on two tracks, "Surfers Are Back" and "I'm Lobotomized 'Cause of You." Other classic Riptides fare on this disc includes "Mall Punks Fuck Off," "Dragstrip Girl," "Night Of The Living Dead," "Emo Motherfucker" and a bunch more. If you're of the rare breed that can appreciate the lowbrow B-movie sensibilities of a group of punk rock stoners, this is definitely your bag. And if not, they'd probably just tell you to fuck yourself. (Goblin)