Pussy Riot Slaughter Clones in Dystopian AR Video for "PANIC ATTACK"

Pussy Riot Slaughter Clones in Dystopian AR Video for 'PANIC ATTACK'
Pussy Riot have released the title track from their three-song Panic Attack EP alongside an AR music video that sees the group's Nadya Tolokonnikova travelling through a dystopic realm.

Directed by Asad J. Malik and filmed using 106 cameras, the AR dreamworld channels a "dystopian story featuring her slaughtered clones, toxic wasteland and a final fight on the ruins of a church."

Tolokonnikova elaborated in a statement:

After serving 2 years in a labor camp, I'm still struggling with mental health issues. Trauma, fear and insecurity never fully go away, causing depression episodes and deep anxiety.

'PANIC ATTACK' was born as the result of me staring at the wall for 24 hours in the middle of the pandemic, feeling 100% helpless. I was trying to write something uplifting to encourage people to get through the tough times. But I was just failing and failing. Magically, at the second I allowed myself to be honest and write about the despair I was experiencing, I wrote the track in like half an hour.

Depression is a plague of the 21st century, and it tells me that there's something broken in the way we treat each other. The video 'PANIC ATTACK' reflects on the objectification of human beings, loneliness, disconnection from the environment, and it makes us miserable. And it's us who caused it with our own hands - that's why at the end of the video I'm fighting with my own clone.

"Panic Attack" follows the release of the EP's "TOXIC," featuring Dorian Electra and production by Dylan Brady of 100 gecs, as well as the record's latest single, "SEXIST," featuring Hofmannita.

Watch Pussy Riot's new video below.