People Are Flipping Tool's New Album for Hundreds of Dollars

The CD edition of 'Fear Inoculum' includes a 4-inch HD screen
People Are Flipping Tool's New Album for Hundreds of Dollars
A week removed from its release, Tool's new album Fear Inoculum is primed to soon top the charts in the United States, and the effort's deluxe CD package has proven tough to track down both in stores and online.

While the band have yet to detail a vinyl release, Fear Inoculum's CD edition arrived in three different variants and came bundled with a rechargeable 4-inch HD screen that displays exclusive visuals.

In a move that should surprise few, listeners have now started reselling the physical edition online at exorbitant prices.

On resale sites such as Discogs, prices for the package (regardless of variant) begin at $95 USD (around $125 CAD) — a remarkably higher number than its initial list price of $36.97 USD (or $48.67 CAD).

Over on eBay, it isn't much better, where copies can be had at a starting price hovering around $100 USD. Someone is even trying to auction off the album's MP3 download card at an opening bid of $3.99 USD.

Demand for the package has been so great, Tool announced yesterday (September 5) that a limited second run of CDs would be manufactured. If the physical edition is a must-have, non-U.S. listeners can snag it through the band's web store for $45.98 USD until 11:59 p.m. EDT tonight.

Tool are set to take Fear Inoculum on a North American tour later this year. We wonder how many CD copies were ruined by the desert dust at Burning Man.