Oniris Jacques Cartier Pier, Montréal QC, January 27

Oniris Jacques Cartier Pier, Montréal QC, January 27
Photo: Chris Bubinas
As people started to gather on the Igloofest site, Oniris' music resonated in the air. Known for his dark techno, the French producer was opening for Laurent Garnier, a DJ who's both an influence and a mentor to him. Back in 2011, Garnier introduced Oniris to the public of his radio show, helping him gain the visibility he deserved.
Oniris started his set with progressive tracks complemented by Tind's abstract CGI visuals — fractured textures evolving on the screens surrounding the stage. As the floor started to fill in, Oniris moved into more colourful material, playing various tech house tracks marked by sunny arpeggios and uplifting chord changes.
Although it's almost a tradition for techno DJs to be static on stage and focused on their craft, Oniris bopped his head up and down throughout his performance. His enthusiasm was contagious as he went into the final stretches of his set, exploring darker, more abstract shades of tech house, setting the stage for Garnier's set.