Noo-Bap Jacques Cartier Pier, Montréal QC, January 27

Noo-Bap Jacques Cartier Pier, Montréal QC, January 27
Photo: Chris Bubinas
GrandBuda & Noo-Bap
It would be tempting to describe Noo-Bap as a newcomer on the Montreal bass scene, but the DJ has been making his mark for a few years already. Cumulating dozens of tracks and remixes online, Noo is known for blending hip-hop and future boogie influences into his experimental productions.
For his set at Igloofest, Noo had the challenge of opening the secondary dance floor, which at that point had gathered more snow than footprints. He began his set with a few midtempo breakbeat tracks featuring soulful synth chords and R&B samples. The goal was obviously to set the mood.
As the crowd started to gather, the DJ picked up the mic and declared: "We're starting the real set now. Before, that was practice." Noo-Bap then cranked up the tempo, moving through a genre-bending set list that incorporated everything from Québécois rap to reggaeton remixes.
Even with the large crowd gathered at the end of his show, Noo seemed somewhat timid on stage. Though perhaps a little too focused on his laptop screen throughout his Igloofest performance, the DJ still managed to offer a fun and engaging excursion into current future bass music.