​Nick Thorburn Pens Graphic Novel About Penguins

​Nick Thorburn Pens Graphic Novel About Penguins
Known for his musical contributions to the Unicorns, Islands and the Serial podcast, Nick Thorburn is now showing off a different kind of talent. He's written and illustrated a graphic novel about penguins.
Aptly titled Penguins, the book is due out on September 15 via Fatagraphics.
The story is told with very few words, relying instead on visual expression and physical movement of the penguins to convey action within the sequential, interconnected strips.
"Penguins go through a lot of hell that could be avoided if they had the ability to fly," Thorburn said in a statement. "This cruel irony lends itself to humor, as well as sadness. Death and the desperate search for love and companionship seem so tethered to life as a penguin, as well as for humans, and so the goal was to bridge those two and make them funny."

Pre-orders for Penguins are available here.