Nick Cave Is Plotting a New Album Called 'Carnage'

He has teamed up with longtime collaborator Warren Ellis for the upcoming effort
Nick Cave Is Plotting a New Album Called 'Carnage'
Nick Cave has announced plans to release a new album titled Carnage, recorded with longtime collaborator Warren Ellis.

The record has yet to receive an official release date, and few other details about the effort are known. But Cave revealed his plans in his latest blog post on The Red Hand Files, offering the record's title, but not much else.

"As promised in my last issue, I did go into the studio — with Warren — to make a record," Cave explained.

The artist also spoke at length about his relationship to the latest coronavirus lockdown, and how he's doing well despite the isolation.

He wrote:

In many ways, lockdown has felt weirdly familiar, like I've experienced it before. I guess this should come as no surprise as I was a heroin addict for many years and self-isolating and social distancing were the name of the game. I am also well acquainted with the mechanics of grief — collective grief works in an eerily similar way to personal grief, with its dark confusion, deep uncertainty and loss of control. For me, lockdown feels like a state-mandated version of more of the same — a formalization of the kind of hermit-like behaviour to which I've always been predisposed, and so, as difficult as it has been to see the devastation and anguish caused by the pandemic — including to the lives of those close to me, and many who have written into The Red Hand Files — I have been doing okay.

Cave further explained that spending time at home has offered him the chance to be creative, though he misses the road dearly, describing himself as "a thing that tours."

Stay tuned for more information about Carnage as it becomes available.

We last heard from Cave when he announced plans for a live album titled Idiot Prayer: Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace late last year. His most recent full-length release was 2019's Ghosteen