Nick 4 Now "September Mix"

Nick 4 Now 'September Mix'
It doesn't take much time in Las Vegas before you realize that no one you meet is actually from Las Vegas. Nick Gianopoulos (aka Nick 4 Now) is an exception, a native Las Vegan who left the city to join the navy and get a degree as soon as he was old enough. Discouraged from creating music while enlisted (he refers to the time he spent mixing in his room as being "in the closet"), he's just now getting back on his feet as a DJ.

The style of his new mix is simple, melding recognizable Top 40 snippets with headier pieces of house and dubstep. Ultimately, however, it's a pleasant and impressive collection, one that hints at a unique perspective that might see Gianopoulos producing original work in the future that will be worth keeping an eye out for.

Listen to the mix below, which includes a download option.

N4N Sept Mix 2011 by Nick 4 Now