Mumford & Sons' Winston Marshall Quit Because His Political Views Were "Damaging for the Brand"

He says the "internet mob" came for his bandmates
Mumford & Sons' Winston Marshall Quit Because His Political Views Were 'Damaging for the Brand'
Last week, Mumford officially lost one of its sons when banjoist and self-proclaimed trustafarian, Winston Marshall, announced his departure from the band whilst blaming "cancel culture" for getting absolutely blasted over his controversial political views. The former Mumford (or son?) has now followed up on his decision to bail, explaining that his presence was "damaging for the brand" of the band.

Speaking with BBC Radio 4's Today program, the now former Mumford & Sons' banjo player said his decision to leave the group was also influenced by his perception that his bandmates were "dragged under the bus" by an "internet mob."

"They went for my friends," he said. "And that's not fair on them because it's got nothing to do with them."

Marshall continued: "There was just a lot of very horrible negativity… and a lot of nonsense and lies. In the public eye we were a unity [sic] and that's what I suppose these internet mobs do — they go for all those people around you."

He added: "It became quite a big story, particularly in America — and it felt like very distracting, unwanted attention and possibly damaging for the brand of the band."

Previously, Marshall, the son of Brexit-supporting millionaire Sir Paul Marshall, published a lengthy essay on Medium, detailing how the "binary political discourse" is to blame for him "being labelled erroneously" as right-wing, after voicing his support for anti-antifa, anti-BLM alt-right journalist Andy Ngo's book, Unmasked

Following serious backlash for his controversial stance online, Marshall announced he would be taking a step back from the band. That move became permanent and public as of June 24.