Moonface and Siinai "Risto's Riff" (video)

Moonface and Siinai 'Risto's Riff' (video)
Plenty of people have been focusing on the fact that Spencer Krug is back at it with the rest of the guys in Wolf Parade, but his 2016 has been busy allover. Earlier this year, he used his Moonface moniker to team up for a second record with Finnish Krautrockers Siinai, and they're now promoting their My Best Human Face with an almost insectoid music video for its "Risto's Riff."

The track is a simmering builder, with Krug's familiar, theatrical vibrato found wondering what it would be like if he were a trapeze artist or a ghost, among other things. Visually, director Marsha Balaeva fills our eyes with a series of inky images. Sometimes, we're treated to Rorschach test-style patterns, while other times we see the in-flight moments of a lightbulb-and-circuitry-modelled fly.

To see that creature and other tech-type beasts, do give the video a stream down below.