Mona "Listen to Your Love" (Josh Abrams remix)

Mona 'Listen to Your Love' (Josh Abrams remix)
Produced as a requirement of entry for the inaugural Las Vegas Spin-Off, Josh Abrams's progressive house take on an otherwise middling indie rock tune by Mona is the perfect showcase for his thoughtful technique. A Los Angeles native who spent years honing his skills on the never-ending Vegas party circuit, Abrams's style seems evenly focused on bringing bodies to the dance floor as giving them something worthwhile to listen to on the way home.

Of the thousands of entries in the "Listen" remix contest -- ranging from old hands like Abrams to complete unknowns -- this version manages to stand out without being flashy. It sounds effortless and open, taking the best elements of the original song and discarding the excess (pretty much every element that isn't the vocal) to build a brand-new progressive house track around it.

Listen to the track below, which includes a download option.

Mona - Listen To Your Love (Josh Abrams Remix) by djjoshabrams