Mo Kenney "Telephones" (video)

Mo Kenney 'Telephones' (video)
Mo Kenney's cover of Mardeen's "Telephones" tells of a conflicted romance, and the newly unveiled video for the In My Dreams track shows the story play out with a lifeless mannequin.

In the quirky, charming clip, we see the Nova Scotia songwriter strumming her guitar and delivering the lyrics directly into the camera as she moves between various domestic locations. She's joined by a mannequin, which isn't a particularly flattering way to portray a lover, but that's probably the point.

"Mo has a great sense of humour and was game for everything. It was important she played the song believably, from the heart, to counterbalance the absurd presence of the mannequins," director Nathan Boey said in a statement. "I'm not really interested in making straight-up 'normal' videos, which is why I'm always looking to inject some sort of visual magic or playfulness."

Watch it below.

In My Dreams is out now via Pheremone Recordings/New Scotland Records.