Mo Kenney "Telephones" (Mardeen cover) on Exclaim! TV

Mo Kenney 'Telephones' (Mardeen cover) on Exclaim! TV
Working again with fellow East Coast singer-songwriter Joel Plaskett, Halifax native Mo Kenney has delivered a sophomore effort that is sonically and lyrically different in comparison to her debut. Spurred on by the "spontaneity and stylistic compatibility" of the working relationship between the two, In My Dreams shows the young musician's evolution into more than a Maritime folk singer.

We invited Kenney to the Exclaim! office for a performance of Mardeen's "Telephones," the leading single from her sophomore full-length.

With a steady strum pattern, Kenney delivers an acoustic rendition of her track, lyrically centered around a floundering romantic relationship that can't quite seem to be sorted out and fixed up. "I only talk to you by telephones, rarely see you on my weekends home," she sings, delivering the frustrated feelings found in the song.

Watch her performance in the player below.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kawn
Audio by Kyle Laurin