Mike Watt to Release Archival Live Album Featuring Dave Grohl, Eddie Vedder

Mike Watt to Release Archival Live Album Featuring Dave Grohl, Eddie Vedder
Mike Watt may have skipped out on a 20th anniversary package behind his 1995 solo debut Ball-Hog or Tugboat?, but the iconic bassist is about to unveil a concert album recorded during that promotional tour. Featuring back-up performances from the likes of Eddie Vedder and members of Foo Fighters, the double-sized Ring Spiel Tour '95 is due November 11 via Sony Legacy as a new two-LP/two-CD set.

As the album title would imply, the collection was recorded during Watt's "Ring Spiel Tour." Specifically, the concert chronicled on the 16-song release was captured at Chicago's Metro venue.

At the time, Watt's opening acts were a fledgling Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder's Hovercraft project. As such, Watt's backup band comprised Vedder and Foo Fighters Dave Grohl, Pat Smear and William Goldsmith. The show showcased a number of Ball-Hog or Tugboat? tracks, including splashy, Who-styled rock anthem "Piss-Bottle Man."

Back in 2011, Grohl, Smear and Vedder would reunite with Watt in Seattle to perform "Big Train" and a cover of the Stooges' "Fun House." You'll find a clip of the performance here.

Below, you'll find the tracklisting info for the Ring Spiel Tour '95as well as a '90s-era TV performance of Watt and the boys on The Jon Stewart Show.

Ring Spiel Tour '95:

1. Walking the Cow
2. Big Train
3. Formal Introduction
4. Against the '70s
5. Drove Up from Pedro
6. Habit
7. Makin' the Freeway
8. Chinese Firedrill
9. Piss-Bottle Man
10. Forever… One Reporter's Opinion
11. E-Ticket Ride
12. Political Song for Michael Jackson
13. Coincidence is Either Hit or Miss
14. The Red and the Black
15. Secret Garden
16. Powerful Hankerin'