Mica Levi Has Released Another Surprise New Album

Yung Lean is among the guests on 'Blue Alibi'
Mica Levi Has Released Another Surprise New Album
Last month, Mica Levi surprise released their debut solo album Ruff Dog. As it turns out, the surprises don't end there, as Levi has returned with another full album.

The new release is called Blue Alibi and features guest appearances from Jonatan Leandoer (a.k.a. Yung Lean), Coby Sey, Relax Kevin and Brother May, among others.

Here's what Levi had to say about the album:

This is about our friends Zako and Finn. Finn worked on a pretty troubled off-grid cannabis farm for 3 years in L.A. and then at age 23-24 used the money to buy his own sailing boat. Zako was working for another person helping them on the sailing boat from Cape Ferret to South America. He then met Finn on the docks of a bay in Venezuela where Finn was fixing his new boat. Then they sailed off into the sunset. Finn made me a video for this song.

Listen to Blue Alibi below where you'll also find a music video for the album track "Waves."