Mear Flood

Mear Flood
Like the first violin in an orchestra, Frances Miller's vocals are the driving force and highlight of Flood. Hailing from Toronto, Mear's small new EP explores themes of nostalgia, passing time and future hopefulness. Kicking off the EP is "Old Bones," a song that starts things off on a delicate note with soft vocals, pulsing synths and images of the sea.
"This Love" begins with Miller singing a cappella, her voice layered to create percussive beats with a rhythmic repeated "boom-chee-ka" that hints of old folk roots. "This Love" is full of fun, a 180-degree turn from "Old Bones" as it takes on a hopeful and optimistic tone. The EP is a dreamy ride from the sound of crickets in the night to acoustic guitar blended with dancing synths.
Flood's title track is the highlight of the EP, and provides us with a clearer glimpse of Mear's talent with her vocals put on display. The whole song is a crescendo, with rising tension that leads to a completely satisfying release in the end.
Mear ends her EP with "Backbone," a song that manages to encapsulate the sadness and hopefulness that permeate this EP. Here, the past meets the present; the chorus that echoes Mear's voice is reassuring, as if their harmonies are singing that everything will be fine in the end, while the trucking beat carries the EP to an abrupt finish where one is given a small window into what might be next from Frances Miller. (Independent)