Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Reunite for 'Superwolves' Album

Get a taste of their first record since 2005 with "Hall of Death"
Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Reunite for 'Superwolves' Album
With Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's 2005 collaborative effort Superwolf still standing tall as a fan favourite, the pair are finally reuniting to give us a sequel. The album is logically being titled Superwolves, and it will arrive digitally on April 30 via Drag City (and physically on June 18).

To get us going, the duo have shared the album's first single "Hall of Death," which has been fit with a music video. The track was made alongside Tuareg guitarist and producer Ahmoudou Madassane, as well as Mdou Moctar.

Check out the clip, which was directed by directed by Sai Selvarajan and Jeff Bednarz, below.

As for Superwolves as a whole, the album first began five years ago, though the first actual recording session didn't happen until about a year ago.

According to a press release, the songs of Superwolves "go boldly into undreamed-of places, and go deep, as Matt and Bonny take all the musics they know to make songs that penetrate."

In a statement, Will Oldman explained, "The chemistry comes from lives, lived separately, in which music is crucial sustenance. We listen with gratitude and awe, knowing that we belong in there. We construct our dream selves with the faith that these selves will have their chance at life. We know what we are capable of doing and just need each other's support to bring the imagined languages to life."

Sweeney, meanwhile, added: "I love the challenge to write melodies for Will to sing. Struggle with that challenge too. Knowing that Will's voice will elevate the melody makes me reach higher and dig deeper for the tune. Makes me want to match it with a guitar part that holds his voice like a chalice holds wine (or blood, or whatever is needed to live the best life). I also love singing harmonies and responses to this voice of his."


1. Make Worry For Me
2. Good To My Girls
3. God Is Waiting
4. Hall of Death
5. Shorty's Ark
6. I Am A Youth Inclined to Ramble
7. My Popsicle
8. Watch What Happens
9. Resist the Urge
10. There Must Be a Someone
11. My Blue Suit
12. My Body is My Own
13. You Can Regret What You Have Done
14. Not Fooling

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