Malfunction Association Récréative de Gatineau (ARG), Gatineau QC, September 6

Malfunction Association Récréative de Gatineau (ARG), Gatineau QC, September 6
Photo: Calum Slingerland
The most exciting moments of Malfunction's set didn't come when they played their newer, more metalcore-leaning songs, but when they played their punkier earlier material that was beefed up by a metallic crunch and gruffer vocals. That this all happened while lanky vocalist Zak Quiram paced the stage and threw his lengthy arms around made the aggression even more apparent; the makeshift stage (read: floor) was nearly as dangerous as the pit. Unfortunately, the space was a little emptier than usual, as the band were down one guitarist. It led, at times, to the songs feeling pared down in parts, lacking the muscle that usually makes them emphatic.
In between the previously released songs, the Buffalo band previewed some new songs from their upcoming Fear of Failure LP, set to be released by Bridge 9 in November. It sounds like the release will continue paying homage to their hometown predecessors, Buried Alive. Fortunately, that doesn't date their sound one bit, seeing as injecting some metal into your hardcore is so in style right now.
Malfunction acknowledged the sheer length of the weekend and thanked the crowd for sticking around for this, the second last performance. If they were fatigued, though, it didn't show.
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