Make This Summer a Movie with Our MUBI Spotify Playlist

Get in the sunshine state of mind with songs featured in the streamer's curated collection of award-winning films
Make This Summer a Movie with Our MUBI Spotify Playlist
It may only be May, but people are already readying their bets for song of the summer — because what is the sun-soaked season without a soundtrack?

To make sure your summer memories are as cinematic as a coming-of-age film, Exclaim! has teamed up with MUBI to combine our expertise in great music and incredible film to co-curate a Spotify playlist to set the summer vibe.

Make This Summer a Movie will help you do exactly as its title states, with an assemblage of upbeat, sunshine-soaked songs featured onscreen in some of MUBI's curated collection of award-winning movies.

With selections from new releases like Actual People, Sharp Stick, Zero Fucks Given and Teen Spirit, as well as classics-in-the-making like While We're Young, Studio 54 and Amy, the endless sonic story possibilities for 2023 are at your fingertips.

MUBI is the streaming service to discover ambitious arthouse cinema from around the world. Much like the songs on this playlist, every MUBI film is hand-picked by a team of curators — not an algorithm. 

If you're starting to crave a deeper exploration of the intersection of music and film like it's ice cream on a hot day, check out MUBI's film series Turn it Up: Music on Film, celebrating the magnetism of performance and revealing intimate portraits of artists' lives. We've even partnered with MUBI to give you 30 days of free access to their handpicked collection of cinema, which you can redeem here.

Start plotting your summer bucket list and listen to the playlist below.