Los Olvidados Listen To This

This is volume two in AT's skate-punk series and is a reissue featuring 13 songs recorded between 1981 to 1983 from this San Jose outfit, who went on to become the Drunk Injuns. Taking their name from the Luis Buñuel film, which translates to "The Young And The Damned," they played the kind of energised hardcore punk rock that was what you wanted to listen to when you dropped into that empty pool. The music has that melodic yet raw feel, like a Bay Area relative of the Adolescents influenced by the Stooges. The CD contains liner notes from fans of the band, which make you think they were the shit. Although they never released a full-length, breaking up before having the chance to do so, they did have enough compilation and other tracks to make up this one. This is essential listening for those that want to bone up on their hardcore history. (Alternative Tentacles)