Lee "Scratch" Perry Revelation

Some people, it's often said, can sing the phone book and make it art; Lee Perry is not one of them, despite the fact that at one point here he ― apparently at a loss for words ― rhymes off the months. In fact, the only "revelation" on this release is that Perry is increasingly stumped for new ideas. His routine (meandering, iconoclastic talk/singing) is generally interesting, though largely formulaic, but the music lacks anything that resembles a cutting edge, be it sharp or dull. This is a far cry from Perry at his best. Most tracks ("Revelation Revolution," "Money Come and Money Go") are instantly forgettable and, at times, Perry doesn't seem to know the track has changed, such is his inclination these days to recycle ideas. Even Keith Richards (who I generally believe can do no wrong) fails to deliver a memorable note on "Books of Moses." Only "Fire Power" rises above the din, a tribute of sorts to Marley's "Punky Reggae Party." Perhaps Scratch needs to find a second ark to burn to rejuvenate his once exciting musical powers. (Megawave)