Kathryn Calder "Arrow"

Kathryn Calder 'Arrow'
Victoria-based pianist and singer Kathryn Calder, who has developed a full career as a member of the New Pornographers and Immaculate Machine, has offered up a free download of her song "Arrow" from her upcoming solo album.Her debut effort, Are You My Mother?, is set for release on August 3 via File Under: Music.

Download "Arrow" by Kathryn Calder here.

Are You My Mother?:

1. "Slip Away"
2. "Low"
3. "Castor and Pollux"
4. "Arrow"
5. "If You Only Knew"
6. "Follow Me Into the Hills"
7. "Down the River"
8. "A Day Long Past It's Prime"
9. "So Easily"
10. "All It Is"