Julie Doiron & the Wrong Guys Beer Garden, Toronto ON, September 21

Julie Doiron & the Wrong Guys Beer Garden, Toronto ON, September 21
Photo: Shane Parent
Julie Doiron got what she wanted: all the Sunday evening sets, including her festival-closer, were moved into the Beer Garden to preemptively avoid raining out the crowd.

And the audience got the ear-piercingly loud amp stack, head banging and near-apology free experience, as Doiron was playing with the Wrong Guys (fellow BOFFer Eamon McGrath on guitar, with Cancer Bats Mike Peters and Jaye Schwartzer on drums and bass, respectively).

The sound was distorted and Doiron was screaming, but it didn't matter; the versions of her tunes they were doing were so cathartically punk rock it was probably the most well-suited stage the band's played so far.

Doiron focused on amped up versions of songs from 2007's Woke Myself Up and 2009's I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day: "I Woke Myself Up," "Consolation Prize," "Swan Pond," "Dark Horse" and a now-familiar medley of "No More" and "The Wrong Guy" that the band's been doing since its inception a couple years back.

They played until the Beau's beer people were packing up and a cool spitting rain was settling on the park, with die-hard fans yelling for an encore after the encore that included Neil Young's "Don't Cry No Tears" and Sam Cooke's "Bring It On Home To Me" (with an appearance by Will Kidman). Doiron promised the group would expand their covers repertoire before next year's fest.

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