Jessie J, Jhené Aiko & Rixton "Sorry to Interrupt" (lyric video)

Jessie J, Jhené Aiko & Rixton 'Sorry to Interrupt' (lyric video)
Want to hear some new music from some Pop-Tarts? No, we're not using an offensive term for Jessie J and Jhené Aiko — we're talking about the mouth-burning toaster pastries that make for one hell of a sugary breakfast treat. They're the latest company to hop on the awkward music promotion bandwagon with a new song called "Sorry to Interrupt."

The song features J and Aiko along with British act Rixton, and it was produced by DJ Mustard. It's a relatively innocuous though ultimately forgettable single. That said, if you read the lyric video you'll notice the not-so-subtle Pop-Tart branding throughout. Just think, some poor intern had to assemble and hang all of those fake Pop-Tart gold records.

If you're hungry for some empty calories, check out the lyric video for "Sorry to Interrupt" below.