JD McPherson "Let the Good Times Roll" on Exclaim! TV

JD McPherson 'Let the Good Times Roll' on Exclaim! TV
After being fired from his job as a high school teacher in Oklahoma, JD McPherson decided to ditch the books and follow his dream of rock 'n' roll stardom. However, in a way McPherson has continued his role as an educator. His latest LP, Let the Good Times Roll, is a self-described "art project disguised as an R&B record," and finds the Southern singer-songwriter bringing the old-school sounds of 1950s rock to a whole new generation.

On his recent stopover in Toronto, McPherson met up with Exclaim! TV at Kops Records to perform an acoustic solo rendition of the title track from his aforementioned LP.

Away from his lively backing band and armed only with an acoustic guitar, McPherson's stripped down performance allows plenty of room for his bright vocals to take hold and carry the song's powerful melody.

Watch the performance now in the player below.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan 
Audio by Kyle Laurin

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