Jayda G Returns with New EP 'Both of Us / Are U Down'

Watch a video for the Canadian artist's newly shared "Both of Us"
Jayda G Returns with New EP 'Both of Us / Are U Down'
Following the release of last year's Significant Changes, Jayda G has shared details of a new EP. The Canadian producer/DJ will share Both of Us / Are U Down on July 3 though Ninja Tune.

The four-track Both of Us / Are U Down was born out of a series of studio sessions with English producer Fred Again following Jayda's recent move from Berlin to London. Snippets of the EP's lead track had initially surfaced online, leading excited listeners to badger the producer for an official release.

"I really wondered if releasing the record right now was the right thing to do," Jayda G recalled in a release. "Things can feel really fucking depressing at the moment, but the amount of messages I've been getting about the track, even during lockdown when people are unable to even be in clubs or at festivals, that really convinced me that now was the right time." 

You can take in "Both of Us" below, alongside some accompanying visuals. 

"I wanted to make a happy house song" she added. "The uplifting vocal, the slow breakdown, the release, those are a key part of so many of those classic house tracks I've found through digging over the years, and I really wanted to emulate the feeling I get from those." 

Exclaim! named Significant Changes one of the 10 Best Dance and Electronic Albums of 2019.

Both Of Us/Are U Down:

1. Both Of Us
2. Are U Down
3. Both Of Us (Jayda G Sunset Bliss Mix)
4. Are U Down (Remix)