Nail the Jack White Tone with This New Third Man Guitar Pedal

The Third Man Triplegraph is both a digital octave pedal and a killswitch
Nail the Jack White Tone with This New Third Man Guitar Pedal
Jack White's octave effects are a big part of his signature sound, so it's only natural that he has made a guitar effects pedal of his own. In collaboration with CopperSound Pedals, White has just released a digital octave pedal called the Third Man Triplegraph.

The pedal has three foot switches: the left one triggers an octave down, the right one triggers an octave up, and the middle one acts either as a killswitch or as what an announcement calls an "auxiliary loop" (meaning that it interacts with and activates other guitar effects).

This collaboration began after CopperSound gifted White a killswitch pedal in 2016. Within an hour of them dropping off the pedal, Third Man called the pedal maker with ideas for an expanded version involving octave-jumping capabilities.

A slightly technical press release describes the results like this:

In KILL mode, the middle key acts as a momentary killswitch, allowing the player to remove their dry signal and attain a fully wet octave up and/or down when used in conjunction with the octave keys. In AUXILIARY mode, the player can connect one or more of their favourite effects in parallel with the octaves via the send/return jacks, and trigger them in momentary bursts. The high and low octaves can be triggered in parallel with the dry signal when the octave keys are pressed independently. The octaves themselves track seamlessly with zero latency, and can be triggered in latching or momentary modes, using our "Loctave" toggle switches. The telegraph keys themselves are composed of custom stainless steel and aluminum components, making them indestructible and exceedingly durable for both hand and foot operation.

The Third Man Triplegraph will be released in a limited yellow edition of 100 (with a signed certificate of authentication from White), plus as a standard black edition. Both models come with a 130-page book about the pedal's original story. It's available here for $399 USD for the standard black and $449 USD for the limited yellow.

Watch White giving the pedal a test-run in the video below.

This isn't Third Man's first pedal. Back in 2013, they teamed up with a Vancouver company to make the Bumble Buzz.