Iron Chic Not Like This

Possibly one of the most highly anticipated full-lengths of 2010 amongst melodic punk and org-core fans alike, Not Like This by Long Island-lifers Iron Chic is a near-perfect portrait of punks doing it for all the right reasons. Comprised of members of seminal scene favourites Latterman and Small Arms Dealer, this somewhat super-group had instant message board buzz, beginning with the release of their 2008 demo. Re-recording two songs from said demo, along with eight other mid-tempo anthems, it's clear Iron Chic know what works for them, and their formula doesn't disappoint. An essential aspect of Iron Chic's success on Not Like This is vocalist Jason Lubrano's oft-poetic lyrics, specifically in standout opener "Cutesy Monster Man": "I sold my soul/Now I age but don't get old/And to this day it's the best deal I ever made." This record also boasts a killer bass tone and perfectly grungy guitars. It's extremely listenable while still possessing the charming air of being recorded in a Long Island basement. These songs are designed for sing-alongs in dive bars and at basement shows, but the lyrics make it deserving of a focused listen. It's easy to get behind something so sincere, genuine and legitimately inspiring. (Dead Broke)