In Flames on Exclaim! TV Aggressive Tendencies

In Flames on Exclaim! TV Aggressive Tendencies
This year marks the 25th anniversary of Gothenburg melodic metal veterans In Flames, and although the band are proud of the work they've done so far, they're certainly far from nostalgic about it and show no interest in dwelling on the past.

Instead, the band are constantly evolving, continuing to prove their relevancy by releasing their 11th studio LP, Siren Charms, last September, and touring around the world in support of it. During their recent stop over at Toronto's the Kool Haus, Exclaim! TV caught up with vocalist Anders Fridén and rhythm guitarist Niclas Engelin for the latest episode of Aggressive Tendencies to talk about the band's signature sound, recording process and inspiring outlook as a group.

Watch the interview below.

Interview by Bradley Zorgdrager 
Filmed by Katherine Kwan 
Edited by Riley Hunt