Holy Data Supercrawl, Hamilton ON, September 8

Holy Data Supercrawl, Hamilton ON, September 8
Photo: Atsuko Kobasigawa
The night was still young when Montreal-bred psych-pop act Holy Data took to the stage at Supercrawl. Formed by ex-Parlovr singer/guitarist Alex Cooper and former Sunset Rubdown member Jordan Robson-Cramer, the quartet kept onlookers alert and intrigued.
They dove straight into "Bad Future," the opening track off their self-titled debut album that dropped back in May, letting its groovy, synth-laden hooks cut through the air.

Cooper effortlessly swapped between playing synth, guitar and bass, occasionally passing off vocal duties, as well. The chemistry between bandmates translated into a cohesive and genuine performance.
Holy Data's urgent, upbeat melodies and airy vocals served as a smooth welcome to the weekend for the crowd.

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