Help Nelly Pay His Taxes By Streaming "Hot In Herre" Endlessly

Help Nelly Pay His Taxes By Streaming 'Hot In Herre' Endlessly
Photo by Jonathan Mannion
Earlier this week, TMZ reported that Nelly had run into a bit of tax trouble, owing the IRS a seven-figure sum. After hearing the news, the rapper's devoted fan base has kicked into high gear, helping him out in the best (and most enjoyable) way they know.

To help boost Nelly's cash flow, fans are streaming his 2002 hit "Hot In Herre" on loop. Spin took the liberty of crunching the numbers, determining that a Nelly song would have to be streamed 402,880,500 times on Spotify in order for a decent chunk of his tax sum to be off the books — given that the Swedish streaming giant's artist payout lands between $0.006 and $0.0084 per play.

Fans have even started a hashtag with tips on how to maximize plays. 
Even Questtlove got in on the party with a cause.

Hear the endlessly looping tune for yourself down below.