Hear Tangerine Dream's Tribute to 'Stranger Things'

Hear Tangerine Dream's Tribute to 'Stranger Things'
It's been pretty well established that people love Stranger Things and its synth-slathered score from composers and S U R V I V E members Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. The pair have gotten yet another big thumbs up for their work, this time from ambient electronic music pioneers Tangerine Dream, who have just issued a trio of tribute tracks.

The current iteration of the German electronic outfit recently posted a handful of tracks through their official SoundCloud page which pay homage to the familiar, oscillated motif of the Stranger Things theme song. In case it weren't clear enough, each track has been affixed with the winking ";-)" emoji as a song title, and it looks as if Tangerine Dream also caught a whiff of the Stranger Things font generator that's been making the rounds since last month.

You can hear all three of Tangerine Dream's shoutouts to Eleven and the Upside Down via the players below.

As previously reported, the first volume of Dixon and Stein Stranger Things is being treated to a vinyl release October 28 through Lakeshore Records in North America, and via Invada in the UK.

Additionally the two musicians' S U R V I V E project will drop their RR7349 collection September 30 through Relapse Records.