GrandBuda Jacques Cartier Pier, Montréal QC, January 27

GrandBuda Jacques Cartier Pier, Montréal QC, January 27
Photo: Chris Bubinas
GrandBuda & Noo-Bap
When his set began, GrandBuda had already been on stage for two hours. As Noo-Bap was mixing future bass and hip hop tracks, the producer was pacing the space, encouraging the crowd to dance and clap their hands.
Behind his Maschine controller, GrandBuda launched right away into oversized house and trap. Far from the bedroom hip-hop of his album If It Happened to Me, released last fall, his set was a lesson in maximalism. It could be argued that the producer's artistic sensibility was somewhat eclipsed by his musical choices, but the animated crowd didn't seem to mind.
With his Igloofest set, the Kaytranada collaborator proved once again his potential to become one of Montreal's next festival exports. As the evening progressed, GrandBuda's enthusiasm was rivalled only by Hughes Clément's mind-melting visuals accompanying his show. Projected on screens around the stage, the VJ's psychedelic imagery evoked '90s screensavers, featuring among other things Nintendo consoles, kittens and CGI'd hot dogs.