Gloin Premiere "Cha Cha" Off Upcoming EP 'Soft Monster'

Gloin Premiere 'Cha Cha' Off Upcoming EP 'Soft Monster'
Toronto noise experimenters Gloin will release a new EP called Soft Monster later this year, and they're previewing the upcoming release with a track called "Cha Cha."
The four-piece consist of members of other local bands like Brenda and Witchrot, and the song was recorded with Dylan Frankland of Tallies at Dining Room and Candle Studios in Toronto.
The track is a catchy blend of synths and psych-rock beneath echoing shouts, though it tumbles into a into a gloomier, more aggressive sound midway through.
"As much as we want to leave Cha Cha up for interpretation we can say that the song has a lot to societal expectations," the band tell Exclaim! "The song sweeps back and forth between the idea of what you want to be versus what you need to be in order to survive."
Hear that sentiment come to life by listening to "Cha Cha" below.
Soft Monster is expected out this spring.