Fucked Up Announce 'David Comes to Life' Release Date with Cryptic Poster

Fucked Up Announce 'David  Comes to Life' Release Date with Cryptic Poster
It's been just over a year since experimental hardcore act Fucked Up announced David Comes to Life, the rock opera follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2008 album The Chemistry of Common Life. What's been revealed since then is that it's "the poppiest thing the band has ever done," "a completely relatable rock opera rife with meta-plot, meta-parts, meta-leads and self-referential quirks" with "actual stage production and possible embarrassment to follow," and we were told to expect the set sometime in May.

There was even the thrill of maybe getting to hear the adventurous new album via an Internet leak last month, but it turned out to just be the band pranking us with a leaked Cut Copy album. The newest piece of the puzzle is a new promotional poster uploaded to the band's blog, complete with a release date.

The official-looking image points to David Comes to Life coming out June 7 on Matador Records. The poster itself is a portrait of a man, David, we assume, sitting in his kitchen with a cup of coffee and a ponderous look on his face. A summary of the story, possibly song lyrics, points to David having a hard upbringing before he met the girl of his dreams. At least that's what we think it means. Check out the write-up below:

David Eliade

I was born when god was looking away. Life couldn't be this hard, I must be a mistake. When she left me, I thought I'd seen my last day. I was so close to the end, I was just a letch. Another wasted life pushed to the edge. But then I saw a piece of heaven, I found a ledge. My name is David, I hope you will see, how the dreams of me and my friends shimmer so vividly. The light shone down on me from the factory. Before the lights were out but no one was home. It turned on above my head and set me free. I met a girl who made my life divine. I just think of her on the assembly line. I'm a dim boy but she makes me shine. A new day with new posters on the walls. New stories to be told, come one come all. There's violence in the streets but not inside. What brings our hearts together can't divide. I think I love her, but can she love me? You know my heart breaks so easily. So scared to grow into what I cannot forsee -- the pain, the hope, the sun the rain, the dark the light, the end the start. "DO ALL WORDS CAN DO."

A tracklisting has not yet been made available, but it's only a matter of time before Fucked Up's latest opus comes to light.

UPDATE: As MuchMusic's music blog has pointed out, that's actually One Hundred Dollars' Ian Russell in the poster above and Fucked Up's guitarist/blogger Mike Haliechuck penned the poem. Also, according to Damian Abraham, get set for guests Danko Jones, A.C. Newman, Cloud Nothings, Simone Schmidt (One Hundred Dollars), Brendan Radigan (Mind Eraser, the Rival Mob) and each member of Fucked Up to sing his or her own song on David, which will feature 18 tracks. On top of that, Fucked Up will be releasing a five-song twelve-inch featuring "character sketches" and a two-song seven-inch, which will include another track about the fictional town in which the album takes place and another about the factory its story is set in.