The Forbidden Dimension Return with 'The Golden Age of Lasers'

The Forbidden Dimension Return with 'The Golden Age of Lasers'
With Halloween just around the corner, it comes with great delight to announce a new collection from long-running Calgary horror rockers the Forbidden Dimension. Granted, a press release confirms that The Golden Age of Lasers comes out November 22 on Saved By Radio, but we'll celebrate the impending release throughout the spooky season all the same.

Band leader Jackson Phibes brings the band through ghoulish new greats like "Chokin' on a Heartache," which wrap his warbly, cryptic croon around crunchy guitar riffs and mausoleum-bound keyboard stabs. You can stream and/or download the song below.

Elsewhere, the disc tips its hat to all the hairy shape shifters out there with the lycanthropic bro-down "Where's My Wolves" and "Wild Old Wolfman."

The one-sheet goes on to set the mood for the collection, as well as tipping you off to a kick-ass costume, envisioning Phibes "wearing elbow patches made outta human hide," before outlining their macabre mix of baroque metal and garage rock.

The follow-up to 2006's A Cool Sound Out Of Hell, The Golden Age of Lasers hopes to have the old-school ooksters further embalming themselves into our horror-lovin' veins.

The Golden Age of Lasers:

1. "Where's My Wolves"

2. "Haywire Hannah"

3. "Tor Johnson's Mask"

4. "The Golden Age of Lasers"

5. "Gag Odor"

6. "Oculus Cursus"

7. "Chokin' on a Heartache"

8. "Eine Kleine Frostmusik"

9. "Skeleton Key"

10. "Loathsome Charlie"

11. "Wild Old Wolfman"

12. "Hitchhike To Hades"

13. "Lillydale Orphanage"

14. "The Accusation Polka"

Forbidden Dimension - Chokin' On A Heartache by killbeat music