Emm Gryner "Math Wiz" on Exclaim! TV

Emm Gryner 'Math Wiz' on Exclaim! TV
Last spring Emm Gryner released her tenth studio album, Torrential, via her own independent label Dead Daisy Records.

The singer-songwriter has worked with some big names in the past, including David Bowie and Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield (who appeared on her latest LP). However, during a recent visit to the Exclaim! office, Gryner opted to perform alone, showcasing a stripped-down acoustic rendition of her melancholy number "Math Wiz" for Exclaim! TV.

Gryner performs the gently plucked pop tune with pure emotion and poise, bringing her lament about VIA Rail's train service cuts to life with nuanced guitar playing and expressive vocals.

Watch her performance now in the player below.

Filmed By Roberto Grandos-Ocon
Audio By Nash Bussieres
Edited By Riley Hunt

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