Danger Mouse Stays Guarded About Already-Recorded New Material

Danger Mouse Stays Guarded About Already-Recorded New Material
One of the busiest collaboration slates in music has to belong to Danger Mouse. In the past, the guy has recorded full-length collaborative albums with the likes of MF Doom, the Black Keys, Cee-Lo Green, and the Shins' James Mercer, and has produced a wide variety of albums by another series of contemporaries. For now, though, the producer/musician is taking it easy, because, as he recently told Exclaim! in an interview, he has already recorded an album to follow the recent release of Dark Night of the Soul, his collaborative album with the late Mark Linkous.

Asked what he was currently working on, Danger Mouse (aka Brian Burton) claimed that he was "not working on anything, and that's very, very rare for me," but admitted, "I have stuff that I've finished that I can't really talk about."

Is it a second Danger Doom album? New Gnarls Barkley material? A Broken Bells follow-up?

When asked, however, Burton remained tight-lipped about the whole thing.

"Yeah, there are plans, there are always plans for stuff like that. The timing is the thing that winds up being undetermined - it depends on each person's schedule. Right now, I'm pretty relaxed, taking it easy with all the stuff I have that's already finished and is coming out in the next year or two."

Looks as if we've got at least another year of guessing ahead of us.