Dâm-Funk "I Wanna Know How It Feels Inside You"

Dâm-Funk 'I Wanna Know How It Feels Inside You'
We're still no closer to finding out when Los Angeles electro-funk slinger Dâm-Funk is sliding his new LP, reportedly titled Invite the Light, our way, but he's at least unveiled another wriggly single. His latest offering is the panting erotic-pop blazer "I Wanna Know How It Feels Inside You."

The steamy single has a vocodered Dâm-Funk crooning about getting up inside us, and, really, who are we to resist? Helping him plead his case on the extended bedroom funk cut are pillowy keyboard beds and a hip-swerving synth-bass boom. It appears as if his mission is accomplished around the eight-minute mark, as our ears are treated to an out-of-breath robotic moan-and-groan. Either that or he's got a serious case of asthma.