Dâm-Funk "Happy"

Dâm-Funk 'Happy'
Dâm-Funk is gearing up for some tour dates with Ariel Pink, so it's no surprise the funk-influenced musician has some new material on the go. A new EP called I Don't Wanna Be a Star is set to arrive sometime this fall, but the West Coast musician has offered up a freebie instrumental called "Happy" to tide us over until then.

True to its namesake, "Happy" is a gleeful six-minute romp that offers up plenty of wriggly synth-bass, a funky backbeat and glossy keyboard bursts, conjuring up something halfway between "Atomic Dog" and a New Edition backing track. You can stream or download the cut down below.

"No rocket science. Just a straight up summer 'glide' 4 U," Dâm-Funk said of the tune.

As for I Don't Wanna Be a Star, you can stream samples of the four-song outing, which includes a cover of Prince's "17 Days," over at Stones Throw.